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My most recent children's book as author and picture book artist.

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A beautifully illustrated story of a little boy searching for his voice and finding it in an unexpected way.
This book reminds little ones that even through anxiety and difference, with the help of a friend, joy can be found.


Background Note

My Little Squeak is inspired by the most beautiful child who I came across during one of my school visits. The main character featured in my story is a little boy struggling to find his voice. With the help of an unexpected friend, he finds the confidence he needs.

The child behind this story really stayed on my mind and I felt it was important to write the book to show that even with difference and anxiety, happiness and fun can be found. Following all the challenges we’ve faced over the last couple of years with Covid-19, mental health, particularly in children, has become a much needed and important focus. By writing and illustrating this story, I hope other little ones with similar struggles, may not feel so isolated and different.

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 2022 Silver Award WINNER with Bizzie Baby

Icky Sticky by Rebecca Tonks

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Inspired by true events, this heartfelt children's story is a reminder that better times are just around the corner.


With hope, real life heroes and a little magic, we can get through anything.


Always remember

"to look for the rainbow beyond the rain".


This book is dedicated to the children of lock-down for their courage and resilience during difficult times.


It’s a story of hope at its heart. Over the last twelve months this story has emerged through the difficult times we’ve all faced and the questions spoken by my own little people. In attempt to explain lock-down and Covid to my own children, Icky Sticky was created. This story not only documents our recent situation but also reassures and gives hope for the future.


When we first went into lock-down last March it initially felt a bit of a novelty and we managed to achieve loads at home... I had all the good intentions of scrap-booking our time and making a full memory box etc but with the weeks passing and the novelty wearing thin and focusing more on getting through each day, these ideas got pushed to one side. This book therefore fills that gap as a memoir for my children to look back on and hopefully one day show their children... hopefully you will feel the same about it too.



Icky Sticky can now be view on YouTube!!
Check out the link below as Sarah Ferguson shares the story with
Fergie & Friends.

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