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Bec Tonks the AUTHOR

Competition WINNER!

December 21, I won the Marjorie Green Competition Cup for my short story entry with the Walsall Writers’ Circle and now there are two cups on my desk… albeit one which is shinier and puts a bigger smile on my face

I can’t believe it!!

I was so super chuffed and feel like it's given me a little spring in my step.

I joined the Writers’ Circle in the October of the same year and I was a little nervous attending that first meet, but the members are all just wonderful! They’re so welcoming and it really is such a safe space to explore writing and share ideas with others that have a love for the written word.


Moments like this make me feel like I’m on the right path.

I will cherish this cup for the next twelve month… it will be in pride of place in my office and whenever I feel the doubts creeping in, I will look at it and think ‘yes you can’.

My story ‘The Tomlin Brothers’ was sparked by a little sketch illustration created for #inktober2021 challenge on Instagram and it just goes to show how it can be the little things that can lead to the most wonderful self achievement no sketch or written word is ever wasted!

My story can be read in full over on the Walsall Writers Circle Website:

Competition Winners | Walsall Writers' Circle (

Other Events...


Wolverhampton's Literary Festival

February 2022


Participating reader with my winning entry The Tomlin Brother at the Writer's Hub.

Walsall's Festival of Words

June 2022


During my session at the Walsall Festival of Words, I will be showcasing my children’s books. I will be available to discuss both my written and illustrated work along with sharing how my career has brought me to this point. I will share how I generate ideas for children’s stories and characters, something that is a great activity offered on my school visits and I will present a reading of my books.

Norrey Ford Cup pic.jpg

Norrey Ford Cup Winner

July 2022


Awarded by the Walsall Writer's Circle committee for most improved and developed member.

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